Expert Planning. Beautiful Results.

When Diane Gordon Design designs your living space, she considers your present and future needs, explores every layout possibility, and precisely documents all details for construction.  Assistance with selecting and ordering unique fixtures and finish materials completes the process.  The result is a beautiful, functional space which fits your lifestyle, and blends seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Plans – Initial Plan Options are provided, followed by Final Plans consisting of Existing/Demolition Plan, detailed Floor Plan, Electrical/Lighting Plan, and Interior Elevations, suitable for permitting and building your project.

Finish Material Selection Assistance – Clients enjoy the ease of selecting finishes in Diane Gordon Design’s Stapleton office based on their plans.  Then Diane will provide quotes, place all orders, and ensure that materials arrive in time for installation.

As a client of Diane Gordon Design, you experience unique benefits.

You save money.

  • Preparation of bid packages means that multiple contractors bid the same project. Diane can recommend a number of reliable, licensed contractors to bid on your project.
  • There is less chance of costly change orders later because decisions are made ahead of time.
  • Diane has access to great designer discounts on materials.

You save time.

  • Projects are completed more quickly and the process goes smoother with a design in place.
  • Diane serves as a liaison between clients and contractors, answering questions that arise about the design.
  • Clients select from materials in Diane’s personal Materials Library, usually in one meeting.
  • Diane can locate specific materials for you.

You enjoy high-quality, beautiful results.

  • Clients experience a well thought-out space, and a layout designed with their present and future needs in mind.
  • Diane Gordon Design’s finished spaces are full of one-of-a-kind details and charm, as well as a cohesive assemblage of quality materials.