I highly recommend Diane Gordon to help you design your basement. Having a well thought out plan will save you money and headaches in the long run because you will likely have far fewer change orders and avoid misunderstandings with your contractor. Plus, you will end up with a much better finished space. Diane designed our basement, and it is our favorite space in our house. Every inch is well used, well lit, and very comfortable. Diane can help you select finishes for your basement, too. She has excellent taste and can help you make the most of your budget.
~ Jessica

I second the recommendation for Diane. We have worked with her on 3 projects now and she is fantastic. A well thought out plan makes such a huge difference and Diane is incredible at coming up with creative ideas for maximizing your space.
~ Patricia

I wholeheartedly agree with the comments on Diane Gordon. She made a tremendous design for our basement, and my husband and I comment quite frequently that having her come up with the design was probably the best single investment on the whole basement. Essentially, we had plans, lighting/electrical, and elevations of the details we wanted, so the contractors all bid on exact same thing and we got the best price without any surprises thrown in.
~ Kari

Diane, I really don’t even know how to thank you. When I saw the all-but-finished basement tonight I cried. Your creativity, your attention to detail, and thoughtful feedback helped us to create a dream come true in our house. You have made a new home for our children to play, dance, learn, explore and grow for decades. I will never be able to repay you. From our family to you – thank you. Your work on this project was a truly a gift.
~ Jamie

Diane, thank you so much for helping us realize an amazing kitchen and basement! They are both beautiful, even more so than we anticipated. You listened to what was important to us, incorporated our ideas, and gave us even more! Thank you for everything – we will enjoy our home for many years.
~ Jennifer

Diane, the basement, starting with your excellent design, is looking great! To think that originally the basement was so challenging we thought is might not be worth finishing or that it might look boring. The results are just the opposite. Challenges must bring out the best in people.
~ Pat

I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our kitchen and would be happy to be a referral for you anytime. It is so wonderful how much space we have. Everyone comments on how nice everything looks. We really enjoy using it, and for once after a remodeling project, I haven’t had any regrets. The tile, counters, lights, everything is great!
~ Jackie

We love coming home… it is so delightful to be in our house. I’m thrilled with everything so far! I appreciate all your help.
~ Diane H.

I recommend Diane Gordon for a basement design. She has several contractors she works with who can bid on the design. I may be a little prejudiced because I am a designer too (Landscape Architect) but I feel that a design is the best investment you can make in your basement. We used Diane a year ago for our basement and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Her input was invaluable and definitely improved the final product.
~ Sarah

I think framing is done. I now can see your design and I LOVE it. You are the best! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your design and how easy you are making this process.
~ Lisa

I would highly recommend Diane Gordon for basement design. She designed our basement one-and-a-half years ago, and we are so very happy with it. We always get a lot of compliments on it. I always think we made a really good choice to go with Diane and to have the basement professionally designed.
~ Natasha

Diane is amazing! Not only is she efficient, responsive, and professional, she also has great vision and pulled together my dream kitchen! I can’t recommend Diane highly enough!
~ Kris

Diane, thanks for all of your help. Having your good design was critical as far as we’re concerned. We definitely feel like we maximized the use of the space. We’ll certainly recommend your services to others.
~ Joel

I was just sitting enjoying the changes in my home, and I appreciate the creative collaboration that you and I have. You really have given me the guidance I’ve needed to express myself without going crazy and zany. Thanks for helping me put the things I love together tastefully.
~ Kara

We have worked with Diane on three projects now and she is fantastic. A well thought-out plan makes such a huge difference and Diane is incredible at coming up with creative ideas for maximizing your space. She has turned our house into a beautiful home.
~ Angelica

Diane helped us remodel our kitchen into a more usable space that we LOVE! She is easy to work with, very good at taking your ideas and style and making them work even better. It was so great to work with someone whom we trusted and had such a strong design and architectural background. She brought great contractors and suppliers to us, saving us oodles of time. We plan to use her again.
~ Tanya

We are loving the basement! It really turned out even better than we could have expected. Our friends who did their own layouts and have seen it are really wishing they’d had some professional help.
~ Kelly

You really are amazing at what you do! We’re so glad we hired you!
~ Elyse